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Facebook Commerce + Retail - The Easy Way.  By @RedFootSocial

Someone had to make f-commerce exciting, it might as well have been Tim of RedFoot Social!

Inside The RetailCamp Blogger Camp Swag Bag - Total LA Style!

I don’t know if you know this yet, but as bloggers, we love stuff. We like fun stuff, sweet stuff, pretty stuff and polished stuff.

So for the blogger camp day, the girls of Woodbury University made it their mission to create a box of delight for all the attendees. Here’s what was inside:

And thank you all of our sponsors for the best little LA style swag bag ever:

Brazilets, Chicgems, Rainman Excel, Hollywood Fashion Tape, Smooch Jeans, True Lemon, Pingo Calling Cards, Screen Candy, Lady Bug Fortune  and Lush Jewelry

RetailCamp  - Blogger in Photos From @MedleyInc